Meet DemocracyBot

In Canada, our government makes big decisions all the time. However, despite being a democracy, citizens are often powerless when it comes to having a say in these decisions and laws.

Contacting your local representative can be a messy business, with many hoops to jump through. Democracybot seeks to change this.

By connecting you to your representatives through a simple Facebook Messenger chat, Democracybot cuts out the confusion governments enable and lets you have a say. Pick a cause, enter your location, and Democracybot will find your representative and send them a message stating your position.

Programs like this already exist in the United States, so don’t let Canada fall behind - participate in the government, and help enable democracy. What you have to say matters, and we’ll amplify your voice.

The Issues



Bell, along with other companies, is proposing the creation of an Internet Piracy Review Agency (IPRA) to look find websites that promote or enable piracy, and to put them on a blacklist that telecoms can use to block access to said sites.

Pros: Crack down on piracy in Canada, block access to illegal sites

Cons: Infringes upon internet freedom, is unclear and may block benign sites, too much power for corporations

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Pipeline Review

Bill C-69 proposes a more thorough approval process for oil pipelines through an Impact Assessment Agency, which would consult with Indigenous communities and environmental groups to approve and regulate these projects.

Pros: Improving relations with Indigenous communities, ensuring safer oil transfer, reducing environmental impact

Cons: Loses money for oil companies by making it harder to approve their projects, allowing non-professionals and interest groups to weigh in

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How to use DemocracyBot

  1. Go to
  2. Send any message, like "Hi" or "Good Morning"
  3. Follow the on-screen prompts